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We have a variety of wood and carbon fiber student bows between $300 and $900.

Below is a list of some of our finer bows.


Marco Raposo, silver mounted frog, 143 g     $1400

Marco Raposo, silver mounted frog, 138 g     $1400

Marco Raposo, silver mounted frog, 135 g     $1400

Marco Raposo, nickel mounted frog, 138 g     $950

Stamped ‘Paul Martin Seifried’  132 g  $2500 sold


Stamped ‘Otto R Pfretchner’ (stamped ‘Germany’ on butt) 126.8 g       $1600

Stamped ‘Otto A Hoyer, Pariser’  132.8 g     $1500

Stamped ‘G A Pfretzschner’ (stamped ‘Germany’ on butt) 138 g     $1600

Stamped ‘Berini’ (stamped ‘Germany’ on butt) 139.6 g        $1500

Stamped ‘Tenney’   Ivory and Gold mounted frog, 164.4 g     $1800

Stamped ‘H R Pfretzschner’ (also note his stamp on the frog) 130 g   $4500

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