Bach meets Bagpipes meets Broadway!
"What do you get when you combine two symphony musicians, a Scottish fiddle champion and a world-class tap dancer? Different Drummer sets a whole new stage with this project!"

Different Drummer is a multi-genre chamber ensemble comprised of violin, double bass and percussive tap dancing.  The recipients of a 2015 Artist Support Grant from the Jack Straw Foundation, they have just released a self-titled album of traditional Irish, Scottish, Gypsy, Classical and Jazz repertoire.  This unlikely ensemble presents an exhilarating visual and musical show.

Perhaps the earliest form of non-indigenous American music, tap is considered a melting pot of African dance, British clogging, and Irish step dance. Fiddlers provided the musical accompaniment for tap in its earliest development, supplying the melodic vehicle for an evolution took it from the plantations to theaters,  movie houses and the clubs of New York,  laying the rhythmic foundation for the development of American jazz.  “Different Drummer” clearly sets its own stage as it explores the possibilities of tap as percussion.

“The styles heard on their eponymous debut range from gypsy jigs to jazzy taps and Irish step. The level of musicianship amongst the three is tonally sculpted, their arrangements complex and disciplined. One example of this can be heard during the track, “Fisher’s Hornpipe.” The track showcases a ferocious synchronization between the double bass and violin, and is followed by an intricate tapping pattern to match.  Different Drummer proves that minimalism can bite. ”

–Connor Creighton  EarshotJazz              Read complete review


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Track Listing:

  1. MYRA’S MEDLEY   Myra’s Jig, Ian Lowthian / Pigeon on the Gate / Willafjord
  3. BACH TROUBLE (Concerto in D minor, S.1043)  J.S. Bach
  4. CSÁRDÁS  Vittorio Monti
  5. TAKE FIVE  Paul Desmond
  6. ROSIN RAG Brandon Vance
  7. PATTY’S MEDLEY  Patty’s Tarantella, Brandon Vance / The Merry Rant, Brandon Vance / Big John McNeil Peter Milne
  9. SZÉP ROZMARING  Fritz Kreisler
  10. THING’S AIN’T THE WAY THEY USED TO BE  Mercer Ellington
  12. FISHER’S HORNPIPE  Jay Fisher

Tunes are traditional except where composer is noted.

Recording and production made possible through the Artist Residency Program at Jack Straw Cultural Center


Anna Doak – double bass
Mark Mendonca – tap
Brandon Vance – violin


Paul Beck – cimbolom (4)
Gretchen Yanover – cello (2,5,11)


For booking information please contact:

Anna Doak   (206)784-6626   email hidden; JavaScript is required

visit & like us on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/differentdrummerband

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